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  • EZ Self Storage is safe and secure
  • Courier Place Center Office/Warehouse Space
  • Call us today to see how we can help you at home or at work
  • Two locations for Storage Units, Flex Space for Office/Warehouse Space
  • 615-355-1274
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  1. What size units are offered?
  2. Are there climate-controlled units?
  3. What is Flex Space?

What size units are offered?

» 5x10, 10x10,10x15,10x20,10x30


Are there climate-controlled units?

» Yes. We offer several sizes of climate-controlled units:


What is Flex Space?

» Flex Space is an office and warehouse area combined. The amount of space is set, but the way you use the space is flexible. Some folks need a little office and a lot of storage, others need a lot of office space with a small amount of warehouse space. We want to help you get exactly what you need.


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